High Above Average

If you’re in need of a trip outside the lines, look no further Royal Purple House. Connect with others through community and cannabis for an extra dose of life, love, and “lift.”

You’ll gain a new understanding that goes way beyond the plant itself.

When you join us for a live class, watch a video, enjoy an enhanced aromatherapy yoga session, or pick up some top of the line essential oils to enjoy at home, you’ll find a new level of modern understanding of wholistic wellness that is a cut above the rest.

You’re a rocket ship in hot yoga pants dying to fly, and we’ve got you covered in the fuel department. You’ll go places you’ve never been, come back strong, and look good doing it.  When you finally land, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the people you’ve met along the way and the ground you tread upon.

You get more laughs, more joy, and more experience than ever before right now.

Life’s short. Why wait? We’ve got you. Five, four, three, two, one… jump.