Holistic Health: A Practical Approach to Life

Holistic health isn’t a hippie fad to be scoffed at, but rather a sensible approach to living a fulfilling balanced life that feels amazing! Ancient holistic techniques to well-being date back well over 5,000 years. They’ve seen a resurgence in popularity in the 20th century and have helped many people live better lives.


What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is a practical approach to living your best life. Instead of focusing and treating the symptoms of a disease, illness, or area of discontent in your life, a holistic approach to wellness considers all interdependent parts of the body, and parts of your life. The focus of holistic practices is on the wholeness of your being instead of the discomfort or dysfunction of a particular part. That means that if you are feeling off track, hurt or frustration, or any other discomfort, you will find remarkable positive changes in your life by adopting the following practices. These are major keys to experiencing the connection between your mental, physical, spiritual, and social world.

1. Build a Practice of Mindfulness

Build a practice of mindfulness that allows you to disconnect from the condition of your discomfort and instead reconnect with a condition of yours that is comfortable and well, allowing your attention and focus to expand that thought, that feeling, and that experience in your mind. Disconnect with the experience of discomfort and instead reconnect with being one who experiences. Understand that You are the experiencer, not the experience. Over time, this practice will develop into your mode of being. And, since you identify with being the experiencer instead of that which you experience, you regain your power to choose where you place your attention and focus instead of merely reacting to a condition. As they say, where your attention goes, energy flows. Energy, in this holistic approach, is the healer and it is at your command.

Identify What Brings You Joy

Identify a list of simple activities that brings you joy. Maybe it’s taking a walk, laughing with friends in a cypher, or inhaling some relaxing Lavender oil. Whatever it is, you want to get into a routine of doing these activities daily. Over time, and with the aid of mindfulness, the joy and fulfillment experienced in these moments will become so great that you’ll spend more time doing things you enjoy and that joy will extend into more things you do. 

As you continue to experience, enjoy, and appreciate this joy and well-being, you can indeed live in that space. Any feelings of pain and discomfort that temporarily arise will no longer lead to thoughts of despair but rather serve as signs for you to pay attention to that space. Your healing attention alone is enough to ease any discomfort or pain. Patience, faith, and being kind to yourself make it even easier.


How Can You Improve Your Life?

No matter what level of health you experience, there’s always room for greater health awareness. Maybe you feel stressed for one reason or another. Instead of simply taking an aspirin due to the headaches caused by the stress and temporarily treating the symptom. Become more mindful of where the stress is coming from, when it is you feel it most and feel it least. Not only will this lead you towards doing more things that cause you the least stress and most joy but it also helps you gain a greater understanding of who you are, what turns you on, and what turns you off. With this crucial information, you can more intentionally decide to do more of what turns you on and prevent the stress altogether.

New stresses may arise, but again, it won’t be the nagging irritation kind of stress, it’ll be the good kind of stress that facilitates growth and maturity, often feeling like your spirit is calling you towards something exciting and huge. This is where more patience, faith, and self-kindness come in handy. You’ll find yourself becoming more active and treating yourself well. Practices like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, chakra therapy, and acupuncture, are considered holistic practices because they spend very little time on that which you believe ails or limits you. Instead, they are in line with this holistic health approach of experiencing yourself as a being that is well, limitless, and whole on an exciting journey called Life, led seductively by your spirit in your heart. Your physical heart, your boundless mind, and your free spirit all working harmoniously together for one joyous life experience. And the sharing of that life experience with others serves as the cherry on top!

So, How To Start Living A Holistic Lifestyle?

You can experience unimaginable positive changes in your life by adopting this lifestyle approach with an open heart and open mind. Start with approaching your nutrition in this way. Start your mindfulness practice with your next meal. As you take each bite, pay closer attention to what you put in your mouth, what you think and feel about what you put in your mouth, and how your body feels. Does eating this make you smile? Is it satisfying? Do you feel guilty about eating it? Shameful? Delightful? Develop a habit of eating something everyday that is completely satisfying. Whether it’s cutting open a watermelon and gleefully spooning the red juiciness into your mouth or wide-mouthed enjoying the heat of a slice of pizza fresh out the oven. Even drinking a full glass of water has its feelings of pure bliss. If you feel it with one thing, why not choose to feel it with all things?

As time persists, it’s ok if what you couldn’t get enough of yesterday is no longer desirable today. Our patterns and desires change as we explore them. Your chosen boundaries and commitments will develop as you grow in this practice. The idea however is to identify more with being the experiencer and allow your healing attention to expand your feelings of wholeness, wellness, joy, and satisfaction and simply allow your actions to follow from that space. This fulfillment and flow of purpose may start with what you eat, but once developed, it will surely spread to your relationships, your work, your family, your finances, and every other perceived part of your whole life.

Living a holistic life is meant to be easy. The hard part is unlearning all the self-doubt you may have learned over the years. Once you become more mindful of your own Self, more trusting of yourself, and more interested in expanding your wellness than reacting to your conditions of discomfort, life will flow magically like you’ve never imagined. The ultimate goal in holistic health is simply to maximize your well-being. Approaching the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of yourself as one interconnected, joyful, balanced being can have tremendous positive influence on your health and life experience.






Author: Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a freelance cannabis and humor writer from San Diego, CA. He covers pop culture, travel, food, lifestyle, and news topics on his blog, fredsguidetolife.com, with his signature biting wit.

Editor: Jana Johnson

Using Cannabis to Facilitate Friendship

For many, making friends can be the most frightening thing in the world. It may look easy for some, but regardless of who you are, making lasting connections requires a tremendous self-awareness and willingness to learn about others. It requires effort and consistency to maintain personal relationships, which is what makes it that much more rewarding and powerful. Cannabis can help remove hang-ups and enable you to focus on genuinely connecting with the person instead of the idea of making friends.


Losing Inhibitions

A genuine connection with another person is made when both parties are interested, engaged, spontaneous and genuine. Cannabis, for example, helps eliminate self-conscious thoughts to make room for a laser-focused mindset of what the other person is saying. Cannabis stimulates dopamine production in the brain to promote concentration, which can help people with ADHD. By being fully engaged, you can have a more spontaneous response than one that is influenced by self-conscious thoughts.

Stimulating Creativity

A hallmark of spontaneity is creativity. Cannabis helps you approach situations from a fresh perspective by amplifying ideas you would otherwise ignore. Instead of following traditional modes of thought, you can form novel ideas from seemingly unrelated concepts due to increased frontal lobe activity when having smoked cannabis. When you’re more creative you can experience greater pleasure, laugh more, and ultimately have a good time with your friends.

Being Honest

You can’t form deep and lasting relationships without being honest with yourself. Cannabis enables you to prioritize your life by putting you in a state of deep introspection. It can help you determine your likes, dislikes, analyze your lifestyle choices, and, ultimately, set yourself up to be open to different ways of thinking without being judgmental.

For many, cannabis has helped them increase their self-confidence, patience, and understanding, all cornerstones of creating personal relationships. Keep in mind, cannabis must be used responsibly to reap its maximum benefits. Focus on the bigger picture of improving yourself and then helping others do the same. ***




Author: Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a freelance cannabis and humor writer from San Diego, CA. He covers pop culture, travel, food, lifestyle, and news topics on his blog, fredsguidetolife.com, with his signature biting wit.

Editor: Jana Johnson


Elevate Your Mood with Essential Oils

Everyone may find themselves having those days, months, or even years where they feel sad, depressed, or generally despondent. It’s completely common to have those feelings that prevent you from having a higher quality of life.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can intentionally elevate your mood to face your day-to-day obstacles. Research has shown that essential oils are able to affect cognitive functions. That means that they can help you increase your mood and, subsequently, have better relationships in your life.

Bergamot: The Mind-Booster

This powerful mind-booster can improve your mood and reduce stress by increasing the circulation through your body. In a 2014 study, hospice patients reported less pain and depression after the staff massaged their hands with an essential oil blend of bergamot, frankincense, and lavender.

Additionally, a 2011 study found that Taiwanese elementary school teachers had lower blood pressure and heart rate after inhaling bergamot essential oil for 10 minutes a week.

Lavender: The Mood-Balancer

Besides smelling great, lavender essential oil can be used to get a better night’s sleep and promote a balanced mood. In a small, double-blind study, patients who received drops of lavender tincture reported feeling better. Lavender can reduce serum cortisol, which plays a role in our response to stress.

Lavender can be a helpful alternative and/or complementary option for people diagnosed with anxiety disorder, specifically Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The best part about using lavender as a complementary approach is that it has no sedative effects and no risk for abuse.

More Essential Oils for Mood Elevation

There are plenty more mood-elevating essential oils such as lemon, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, grapefruit, sweet orange, basil, lime, neroli, and rose. Clary sage, especially, has uplifting and euphoric properties. A 2010 study with animal models showed it can be used to cope with depression and anxiety.

Scents have the power to cue our emotional triggers and make us feel better. There are many ways you can use essential oils to increase your mood, from creating a fragrant blend to adding it to a full bath. You can even pour a few drops in your hand and inhale it directly. Essential oil diffusers are available for you to disperse aromas throughout your home, perfect to wind down in the evening or to set a relaxing atmosphere.***




Author: Fred Hernandez
Fred Hernandez is a freelance cannabis and humor writer from San Diego, CA. He covers pop culture, travel, food, lifestyle, and news topics on his blog, fredsguidetolife.com, with his signature biting wit.
Editor: Jana Johnson

Herb & Oils in the Bedroom

Sex, in and of itself, is experienced by many as a pleasurable act. Adding cannabis and essential oils into the mix only opens up new possibilities and experiences for your sexual health. Both are considered aphrodisiacs, or sexual stimulants, across many cultures.

Cannabis, for example, can stimulate arousal depending on your mood and the strain you consume. Essential oils can be equally as effective at setting the mood for a sensual experience.

Cannabis and Sex

Apart from removing psychological barriers that prevent intimacy, cannabis can help people become more perceptive during the act. You may be more in tune with your senses and notice nuances in touch and sound.

Ultimately, cannabis can help you remove any self-conscious thoughts you may have that prevent you from having a healthy sex life. Instead of focusing on your inhibitions, cannabis can help increase serotonin levels in your brain making you feel happier.

Keep in mind, research into cannabis is continuously developing, so experiment with strains, dosage, environments, moods, and methods of consumption to find what works for you.

Essential Oils and Sex

Many Essential oils have shown to increase sexual desire and relieve pain that prevents you from having sex. For example, inhaling damask rose essential oil is known to stimulate your libido. It’s soothing and subtle scent can also help relieve emotional stress.

Peppermint oil can help you reduce most types of stress, physical, mental, and sexual. Add it into your morning cup of tea to start the day off right. Clary sage has also been known to relieve menstrual pain and menopause symptoms for women.

Essential oils and cannabis can also be incorporated into foreplay. Connect with yourself and your partner by sharing a delicious edible leading up to bedtime. Ignite your sexual passion with an intimate and sensual massage using a blend of fragrant aphrodisiac essential oils like cassia and ylang ylang which can stimulate nerve centers and increase body heat.


Many people may not be aware of how to maintain their sexual health. Everything from stress to hormonal imbalances, medications, and even life events can impact your libido. Both cannabis and essential oils are alternatives to the contemporary sexual stimulants.

You can even purchase cannabis-based lubrication to increase arousal and orgasm. Using Essential oils can be just as effective in creating a pleasurable atmosphere and easing your mind and body to enjoy sex.***



Author: Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a freelance cannabis and humor writer from San Diego, CA. He covers pop culture, travel, food, lifestyle, and news topics on his blog, fredsguidetolife.com, with his signature biting wit.

Editor: Jana Johnson