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About Jana, Founder of Royal Purple House

High Friend!

My name is Jana and I am the Founder & Creative Director of Royal Purple House -  a haven for holistic wealth & well-being. I moved to LA after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the beautiful, yerba-filled lands of Paraguay. While there, I openly adopted the Paraguayan custom & ritual of preparing & drinking mate and terere where I got to enjoy & share in the bliss of preparing & consuming flavorful, medicinal plants as healing, relaxing, rejuvenating, soothing parts of daily life. This is also the time in which my personal yoga & meditation practice became more potent & purposeful as I had many periods of deep, solo introspection in finding my connection & flow in this new land.

Upon successfully completing my time in Paraguay and returning to the states, I wound up moving to Los Angeles, where for the first time I experienced legal, open access to marijuana and thus, I dove right in to the unique culture that is the LA cannabis scene. Merging these plant-based, internal, holistic rituals, practices, and insightful discoveries, I began creating cannabis-enhanced guided meditation videos to share online. From this, Marijuana Mindfulness grew into a communal space where I host regular cannabis-enhanced class sessions. Royal Purple House is where I get to share & exchange experiences of feeling high, happy, and whole - through meditation+yoga, cannabis wellness, enjoyable plant-based nutrition, mindfulness practices, general loving awareness, and whatever else chooses to emerge from this great fertile soil. Enjoying my relationship & freedom with Cannabis and allowing creativity & inspiration to flow through me into Royal Purple House has broadened my idea of what freedom is and something I enjoy experiencing myself and seeing others experience as well. Holistic well-being is all about Freedom.

Join me at an elevated meditation sesh or find me somewhere else in the world where I am free & happy to converse with you! You can also connect with me on Instagram @namastejanaj @royalpurplehouse_ or contact me here! 

Jana J



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  Young Living Professional Account Number: 4140383

Young Living Professional Account Number: 4140383