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Holistic Wellness gives you the freedom to enjoy life, to just be more...  More relaxed, more healthy, more creative, more connected, more prosperous, More YOU.... What are you waiting for? Elevate with us in your own unique way!

Watch full interview as Hot Box wit Knox links us with Royal Purple House founder & meditation guide, Jana J. Listen in to hear more about our elevated meditation classes and to find out a bit more about Jana and how she stumbled upon this outlet which promotes self-wealth and self-health. Jana briefly talks about her journey and why she continues to do what she does. Great vibes!!!


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Life can be intense and chaotic. Let Royal Purple House support you in your wellness to help you maximize your life and your results. More Clarity. More Creativity. More Focus. More Energy. 

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If you ever feel like life has lost its luster and you feel like the magic is missing, you need Royal Purple House. Meet fun people, find the tools to make life exciting again. 

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Connect with people like you to support you in your wellness journey as you find you again. When you make space to take care of you, you will find more space for love, connection, and meaning. We are here to help.

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It's easy to get lost in fulfilling your responsibilities in life... when you invest in your wellness with structure and purpose, you will be able to show up at your best for those who depend on you.


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